Plant health care is a growing segment of the tree care industry, and includes pest management, disease management and fertilization services.

Pest management- "Bugs" are a part of life, whether we like it or not. Some insects, however, are more than just a bother. There are numerous insects that a wreaking havoc on tree and shrub species every day. Many of these pests can be managed. We would be happy to help you evaluate the risk factors associated with your plants, and help you develop a plan to deal with them. Some plants that we often treat for insect pests include: hemlocks, birches, magnolias and ash trees, just to name a few. Hemlocks are an example of trees that are not able to be easily treated for insect pests in the forest setting, but can be treated easily in the landscape setting.

Disease management- Plant diseases primarily fall into two categories: fungal or bacterial. Some plant diseases can be "cured", some can be "managed", and some are simply terminal in nature. We can help you determine what you may be dealing with, and how we can best help you find a solution. Some common plants that you may see with a disease issue: elms, maples, pear trees, fir trees, crabapples and rhododendrons.

Fertilization: While fertilization may seem like a simple exercise, not all fertilization is created equal. Trautman Arbor Care offers fertilization that is injected right where the plant needs it: the roots. We also use natural fertilizer that is formulated for plant health, as opposed to many fertilizers that are commonly available at the "big box" stores, which are chemicals that are often designed to simply promote foliage production.

All of these services are made possible by our mobile spray units that are able to inject solutions into the soil at a slow rate for maximum efficiency, and also spray your trees up to approximately 75 feet in height from ground level. We are state licensed and fully insured to treat your trees and shrubs, which should be the standard that you should expect for your investment.

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